LuAnne Speeter

LuAnne Speeter

The Altruistic Marketer is directed to all of you who are passionate about creating a better world and seek ways to increase your effectiveness – as an individual or within your company or organization. 

The key to being effective in your social responsibility is knowing how to market your message. The Altruistic Marketer is dedicated to discussing how to do that.

In most cases, The Altruistic Marketer will focus on marketing and business ethics, and more broadly on social and environmental responsibility, community involvement, values and universal connectedness. Topics for posts are often based on my experience as a marketing and communications professional, bolstered by my ongoing reading and research and validated by the many creative and dedicated individuals whom I meet along the way. Or they may be inspired by recent events – political, cultural and personal.

But that’s just my part of it.

You, dear blog reader, are my featured guest and welcome participant – any and every day. I invite you to share your thoughts and help us weave all this richness together so it makes sense to us individually and as  “world citizens.”

Please join with me in exploring what it means to be an Altruistic Marketer!

Feature your story!

If you would like to showcase the work your business is doing on behalf of a cause, or tell how an organization is making a difference in our communities, please contact me directly.

LuAnne Speeter